Who we are

Divine Assets is a dynamic team of real estate professionals and hospitality industry specialists, architects, interior designers, financial planners, legal consultants, and project management consultants. Our deep expertise in real estate investment consulting and extensive experience in hospitality industry, makes us a rare blend or experience and resources that extend far beyond the responsibilities of buying and selling real estate.

We are conscientious realtors, known for our exceptional customer service and strong work ethic, steadfast drive to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, and to make the real estate investment experience smooth, joyful and memorable for our clients.

As a trusted real estate investment advisor for our clients, we understand that selling or buying a property is complex and deeply personal. There is a lot at stake financially and personally. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards our clients drives us to truly be experts at the job. We understand the market, the players, and all the variables involved in a real estate transaction.

What we do

We help you invest in real estate properties that generate cash flow, bring you joy and add to your wealth.

If you are looking to invest in boutique resorts, vacation homes, farm stays or luxury villas, we help you in decision making on investments, brand selections, market entry/exit and business expansion and asset value optimization.

Our tailor-made solutions assist in determining project viability, economic returns, fair market value and ideal operator partnerships for existing and upcoming hospitality projects.

We work with you as your valued advisor for all types of real estate transactions – from concept to completion, from development to long-term producing income generating asset, and everything in between. Our investment advisory strategy is designed to work in all economic cycles and is not solely dependent on market appreciation.

Here's How We can help you

As your real estate investment advisors, our primary job is to evaluate real estate, short and long-term goals, and provide you options for the best use of any given property.

Unlike real estate agents or brokers, who are only focused on a transaction, we work closely with you to craft the best scenario for your financial goals and objectives.

1. Real Estate Investment Advisory Services:
from concept to completion

Any decision about where to invest starts with an evaluation of the overall region’s economic trends. We start with identifying attractive investment opportunities for you which are easier to understand, purchase, and manage and which are located in areas which where new development or redevelopment is heading and leads to greater returns on your investment.

You’re purchasing a future income stream or cash flow when you buy an investment property. What you pay for a property and the cash flow it generates makes a significant difference in the success of your investment. When evaluating a property’s potential, we speak directly with the seller to determine the history of the property and their motivation for selling.

But we don’t rely only on historic operating results offered by the seller or broker. We develop our own numbers through evaluating the property with our team of qualified professionals who are specialists in the physical and fiscal management of real estate, and we fairly evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of your proposed real estate investment.

Determining what you need to get started. Real estate is one of the prime investments for long-term appreciation potential. We help you in evaluating different financing options, plan your portfolio’s overall asset allocation and risk reduction when making the investment. Our goal here is to help you to accumulate wealth over time while not taking any unreasonable risks.

Merely owning real estate isn’t the key to success in real estate investing; acquiring and owning the right real estate at the right price is how to build wealth! After performing due diligence, doing the necessary inspections, and evaluating the property, We help you move quickly — the speed at which you can close a transaction is an advantage in any type of market – so that you’re ready to take ownership.
We assist you in finding ways to maximize your cash flows while simultaneously recommend steps to improve market position, the physical attributes of your property, monitor the performance of your property’s management by assessing their ability to consistently achieve superior returns on investments, while maintaining the overall value of the property.

2. Financial Consulting Services

We provide real estate financial consulting services in real estate project financing (both private equity and debt), designing and structuring of project finance & financial projections.

3. Asset Value Enhancement Services

We provide real estate financial consulting services in real estate project financing (both private equity and debt), designing and structuring of project finance & financial projections.

Our Asset Value Enhancement servces include:

  • Structural Modifications
  • Property Styling
  • Interior Design
  • Amenities Enhancement
  • Market Positioning
  • Operations design
  • Technology and software 

Ready to build your
wealth-creating investment?

Let's Talk!

Selecting the right opportunity which matches your risk profile and goals requires expert guidance and unbiased advice.

Divine Assets is committed to provide you with the best resources and unbiased advice which is in your best your interests.

If you are considering purchasing a piece of real estate, currently own or are inheriting a piece of real estate, or would like to develop a piece of real estate, schedule a call with us, to understand how we can help you reap the rewards of profitable and consistently high returns on your real estate investments.